Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Steps

I am so proud and feeling a bit better about my training! I had a great hike Saturday, just me and the beautiful trail. It took me about an hour and a half and I have no clue how far I went but it was great! I just sort of let the trail carve out my path and challenged myself with a mountain when I felt ready. I bet I did at least five miles hiking around North Mountain area! I want to get a garmin 305 so that I can better track my distance and my speed.

After the hike I met up with my sister for breakfast at Scramble and at the last minute my mom joined us. Breakfast was so good! And it was so fun to catch up with my family!!!!! We need lots of girl talk time and it was way overdue! Mom and Kel helped me put together my hutch with all of the unpacked wedding gifts and it turned out beautiful! Sometimes you just NEED your mother's touch! We went to Hobby Lobby afterward and I picked up some knew knobs for the hutch because I wasn't feeling the ones that came with it. Mom, Kelly and I also decided that we would sew aprons together and picked out a pattern. We each chose different fabric and that was SO MUCH FUN. I can't wait to sew them and install a hook in my kitchen to hang it on.

Sunday was my rest day. I didn't feel totally warn down but I stuck to the plan. I'm glad that I did because it gave me the strength for a powerful Monday workout! Stay tuned for details on my Monday workout later this afternoon!

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