Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Working my way UP

As excited as I was to start training, I was tired and uninterested when I woke up on Monday morning. Mike and I carved out a plan to run just over three miles by our house. We brought Mr. West, my toy poodle with us. He LOVES to run. =)

I felt SO WEAK!!!!! My muscles were tight and I didn't run very strong, but I finished it. The weakness I feel is typically what prohibits me from continuing. After a bad run I just don't want to run again for a while. But I chose to think of it differently this time - I decided that I really wanted to remember this horrible run as a starting point and not an ending point.

At church on Sunday a guest speaker talked about how the holy spirit intercedes for us, describing it as if he is covering us with prayers for the things we need. As I ran west I felt the sun at my back and I felt as though in that moment it symbolized the holy spirit covering me, interceding for me, with prayers for strength during that really tough moment.

And while I truly did not enjoy the run, I felt so proud of myself all day and full of life for having finished what I had planned out. I enjoyed my day more because I felt accomplished. And I felt like if I could finish that run, surely I could tackle more workouts like it.

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