Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday Workout

Monday was a great recovery for me from my sad runs last Thursday and Friday. I really wanted to finish a solid three miles and on Monday I did just that. I felt so much better than I did the week before. It was long, I wasn't in love with it, but I DID IT. And I stayed positive the whole time. I didn't let myself start thinking how incapable I was, instead I just blocked those thoughts from my mind.

I need to improve my eating! It is making my workouts more difficult and I want to feel strong during them! Once I start eating better I think things will fall into place.

I am just proud that I am DOING IT. I am taking care of myself and tackling a goal that I have been dreaming of for several years now.

OH - and a very important change in my plans took place on Saturday. Sarah and I decided we would do the seven in one day. She suggested it and I am glad she did. I think we can TOTALLY DO IT. Our thought was - we don't want to have to hike four one day and three the next. Plus what if we are feeling strong on day one and want to do more? We figured we will shoot for five and if we feel strong and have time to finish all seven we will. Now that the decision has been made and I have had time to think about it I am thinking we will do all seven! I know we can. I am very excited about all of this. Finally something I am pursuing just for ME! I love it!

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