Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Training Begins

I am NUTS!?!?! My friend Sarah asked if I wanted to participate in a local hiking challenge - the Phoenix Summit Challenge - an event that I have thought about participating in for several years but just never did.

I am a perfectionist to a fault. Everyone who knows me will vouch for this. Although this gift from GOD has brought me a great deal of blessings in so many areas, it has also crippled me in others. Fear of failure has held me back, but I am not going to let it continue to grip me any longer! After thinking for a while about if I wanted to participate, trying to forget about it, it just kept NAGGING at me! I finally gave it to the call and committed to the challenge that is just over three months away.

In this blog I am going to track my progress - my thoughts and my workouts. I needed a place to track the experience and this just fit me so well. If any of my family or friends want to follow my journey, I encourage you to =)

I am so blessed with such a wide network of friends and family and I hope that maybe through my STRUGGLE to tackle this obstacle just one heart might be encouraged to follow their own dreams. I now know that this nagging at my heart was a call from God and I stopped ignoring it! Maybe it's time for you to acknowledge the calls of your heart =)

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  1. You are inspiring! And when you set your mind to something are always a success. Can't wait to see your accomplishment.